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Our story started with a fundraiser where we built a Live-Edge cherry table built with a salvaged slab from a sawmill. After the sale of that table we started getting questions if we could do more. We immediately knew that working with reclaimed and repurposed materials was where we would call "home". We don't believe that the only place to get our lumber is the local lumber store or woodworking store. We source much of our lumber from non-traditional sources. Trees that have fallen, old barns and even lumber from retired woodworkers. While we can't get 100% of our lumber through these sources we want to tell the story of our projects.

Hardwood Lumber

We try to save the trees that fall in homeowners yards from becoming just another bonfire or even fire wood for those cold winter nights. We put those trees on a Norwood portable sawmill, cut them into dimensional lumber or Live Edge slabs.

Reclaimed Barnwood

While driving around the backroads of central Kentucky we are always looking for that old tobacco barn that looks like they have been abandoned or given up on. We take this wood back to the Silo and process for farm tables, barn wood doors and other interesting projects we can dream up.

Personalized Service

Every build is as important to us as it is the customer. We strive to know the story of our wood whether it was a tree that fell in a yard, lumber that we acquired from a tree that was milled 50 years ago or the barn that housed tobacco until the 1990's. There is a story to be told no matter where the materials come from.

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